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Brand New NSNs Approved for T-SHML & SMCL (Submarine)

We're excited to announce an incredible achievement for GMS!!! Definitely divine intervention!

After years of research and development, GMS has final approval on our revolutionary SSCB! - Ship Shape! Cannonball products. As the name says; These were developed for the Fleet to meet the demands they face while finding the best performing, safest product, at the best price, that solves inherent storage challenges AND reduces plastic waste by over 90% BOOM! 


The value in all of these categories is evident by not only the NSNs being issued, BUT.....they have been approved for the US NAVY Surface Fleet (T-SHML) and Submarine Fleet (SMCL), Ship Shape! Cannonballs Germ Crusher 7930-01-625-4984 (Jars), 7930-01-625-4985 "Covid-19 Multipurpose-Disinfectant"!

100's of cases are ALREADY stocked at the GSA Depots for distribution Globally to the Fleet and the DOD!!!

Here are additional NEW Additions that have been approved for US NAVY Surface Fleet (T-SHML):
Ramp Up Rinse Aid 7930-01-686-1342 (Gallon) / 7930-01-686-1019 (5 Gallon Can)
Add It Up Rinse Additive 7930-01-686-1020
Ship Shape! Cannonballs Flower Power Oger 7930-01-687-2540 (Jars)
Ship Shape! Cannonballs Green Oger 7930-01-687-2540 (Jars)

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