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East Coast Office

Address: 212 Denn Lane

Virginia Beach, Virginia 23462


Phone: (757) 473-1467 

West Coast Office

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Technical Data Sheet

Dishwasher Detergent:


Ship Shape! Cannonballs Mighty Dish Detergent

Pre-Soak Cleaner:

Ship Shape! Cannonballs Power Up Pre Soak

Oven Cleaning Compounds:

Ship Shape! Cannonballs Sizzle

Furniture Polish:

Protect Wipes

Carpet Cleaner:

Magic Carpet

Hand Soap Borax (Powder Hand Soap):

Wash Up! Tornado

Ready To Use (Spray On, Wipe Off, Hard Surface Cleaners):

Ship Shape! Cannonballs Flower Power Oger

Ship Shape! Cannonballs Green Oger Jr.

Ship Shape! Cannonballs Clearview

Ship Shape! Cannoballs Bowl Buster

Ship Shape! Cannonballs Bowl Buster NA

Vandal Wipes

Non-Food Contact Disinfectant Concentrate:

Ship Shape! Cannonballs Germ Crusher

Food Contact Sanitizer:

Ship Shape! Sani-Spray

General Purpose Heavy Duty Concentrates:

Shipe Shape! Cannonballs Green Oger

Floor Stripper:

Strip This!

Floor Finish Restorer Concentrates:

Wax This!


Ship Shape! Cannonballs Mulberry Blast

Ship Shape! Cannonballs Autumn Orchard

Ship Shape! Cannonballs Fantastic Lilac

Smell These Nuggets!

Apple, Berry, Cherry, Fresh, Melon, Peach, Plum, Vanilla

Dishwasher Rinse Additives:

Ship Shape! Cannonballs Ramp Up Rinse Aid

Dishwasher Descaler:

Ship Shape! Cannonballs Jackhammer

Metal Polish Brass:

Nice Brass Wipes

Brite Work Wipes

Hand Sanitizer:

Sanitation Station Kit

Sanitation Station Kit Refills

Germ Crusher Pocket Rocket Spray Box of 24

Germ Crusher Pocket Rocket Spray Box of 48

Germ Crusher Wipes

Liquid Hand Soap:

Ship Shape! Cannonballs Oger Soap

Waterless Hand Cleaner:

Wash Up! Bubble Gum

Clean Up Wipes

Other Categories - As Determined By Data/Fleet:

Equipment Wash: Ship Shape! Cannonballs Wash This!

Laundry: Ship Shape! Cannonballs Hamper Stamper Jar/Tub

Deck Wash: Green Oger CN

Aircraft Wash: JAD by GMS MA-102 PRF

Gas Path Cleaner: JAD by GMS MA-110

Sink Sanitizer: Ship Shape! Cold Water Sanitizer